Laser Hair Removal

Imagine a future without razors, wax and other painful hair removal methods. Our revolutionary laser hair removal technology can safely and effectively target unwanted hair to leave you smooth and confident.

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Could I benefit from Laser Hair Removal?

If you have unwanted hair on any part of your body—from your face to your toes—this treatment can help you!

How does Laser Hair Removal work?

Giddie Skin Medspa uses the latest technology to remove hair in a painless fashion. The hair you see is “the tip of the iceberg.” There are three times as many hair follicles beneath the skin surface that are in a different stage of the growth cycle. Only the hair in the active stage of growth is vulnerable to damage by laser treatment. The follicles underneath the ones you currently see at any given time need to be treated later when they become active. That is why multiple treatments are necessary.

What is the treatment series?

The stages of hair growth are staggered, and so are the treatments. Subsequent treatments should be four to six weeks if done on the face and six to ten weeks if done on the body.

After the third treatment, the next treatment can be done when you notice a re-growth of hair. This is the ideal time for permanent reduction as the phases of hair growth are synchronizing together. You may then call to schedule an appointment for your fourth treatment at the time when this re-growth is noticed. Re-treating to soon may result in an ineffective treatment. Re-growth of hair varies but usually occurs about two to five months after the third treatment. If you need subsequent treatments, you can again simply wait for this re-growth of hair to occur. Once you have no growth for six months, it usually indicates long-term hair loss and no further treatment is necessary. (Congratulations!) Finally, the individual response varies, so does the number of treatments. You may still have some sparse, light, fuzzy or fine growth of hair.

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